Recently, my daughter started dancing at The Foundry Center for the Arts in Newburgh. We LOVE it. If you aren't familiar with The Foundry, it's a center where both children and adults can expand their creative talents in a faith-filled environment. Currently, there are art, dance, music, and decorating classes available. There are free choirs and bands to join. The Foundry also offers live community theater and music nights. There is so much going on!

I received an email about the upcoming live Christmas performance at The Foundry. As a media person, I hear about all the bad stuff that's happening in the world so that I can let my audience know what's going on. Sometimes this job stinks. My phone is constantly going off with alerts about death, destruction, and all of the terrible things that our world faces daily. Christmas is that much more special because I know there is a resting place ahead.

"We know that many people speak of love and the lack thereof in the news headlines. However, while so many people are searching, we know where to look for the ultimate love – it starts with the Christmas story. That is why this Christmas season we are presenting Love FOUND in a Manger."

According to the Foundry website, "Love Found in a Manager, Community Christmas Musicale that celebrates what our world needs more than anything: LOVE."

"The event will include musicians of all ages, and a wide range of styles – all presented to celebrate the Christmas season’s central character and event –  the birth of Jesus."

The Foundry Center for the Arts
The Foundry Center for the Arts

Please mark your calendars for December 1st and 2nd (Friday and Saturday night) and plan to attend this celebration of the perfect Love that came to save. We will be working with several other groups form the community to produce this event to be held at the Harrison High School Auditorium.

The show will be held at the Harrison High School auditorium. The evening will start with the Foundry Big Band’s 30 minutes of instrumental music, followed by the Foundry’s Youth Choir and Local Musician Yung Kriss. The Foundry Orchestra and Adult Choir will join in and present many favorite songs of the season (that you will want to sing along with) as well as a few special songs to focus on the amazing significance of Christmas.

The night is sure to be one of the highlights of your 2017 Christmas experience.


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