The final paving of North Main Street is scheduled from November 8th through November 18th, from Division Street north to Morgan Avenue.  The complete street will reopen in time for the Christmas Parade on November 19th.

Ragle Construction will be closing North Main for paving in three-block stages beginning at Morgan Avenue.  Each section will be closed for one day for asphalt to cure before the road is reopened.  Ragle employees will canvas each area that will close 24 hours before the closure to make sure all vehicles are off North Main Street for 24 hours until the paving is done each day.

Rain could delay paving, so there is no way to determine in advance which three blocks will be closed as the paving progresses. However, Ragle employees will deliver flyers door-to-door 24 hours in advance of the street closure.

All residents and business owners will be asked to move vehicles from North Main Street during the paving day.  Vehicles not moved will be towed at the owner’s expense.  All residents and businesses are asked to follow instructions from Ragle employees to avoid any complications.  Once the final layer of asphalt is laid, there should be no further interruptions along North Main Street.

Please be prepared to move your vehicles based on the date listed on your notice to avoid complications with the final step of this important project in the Jacobsville Neighborhood.

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