When you are a kiddo, the whole world's a stage, right? At five-years-old, my daughter will bust a move or break out into a VERY loud rendition of "Let It Go" just about anywhere. I decided early on she needed some guidance in her quest for being the 2039 champion of "So You Think You Can Dance." She started dance classes at three and her favorite part of dancing is the performances. I do enjoy the performances but I think the weekly lessons are so important. It teaches her to follow directions and control her body which is pretty hard when you are little.

Recently, my daughter started dancing at The Foundry Center for the Arts in Newburgh. We LOVE it. If you aren't familiar with The Foundry, it's a center where both children and adults can expand their creative talents in a faith-filled environment. Currently, there are art, dance, music, and decorating classes available. There are free choirs and bands to join. The Foundry also offers live community theater and music nights. There is so much going on and the class list is always expanding!




Private Lessons:

To showcase the talents of our community, The Foundry also hosts several events! Upcoming is Willy Wonka and Love Found in a Manger!


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