The ends gonna come sooner or later. Looking at current world events, it might be sooner. If you're gonna survive, why not do it in a luxurious missile silo condo in the Midwest that also includes a sweet pool.

I saw this ritzy survival community featured by Zillow. They shared an article and a video talking about a survival condo in a former missile silo. It wouldn't be a long drive as I believe these units are located on the eastern plains of Kansas.

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These pics show that you would not only survive the end of the world, but do it in style and dare I say comfort.

Midwest Survival Condos in Old Nuclear Missile Silos

The official Survival Condo website for these residences show a wide variety of options. They have everything from a half-floor or full-floor condo to exotic penthouses. There are no prices I could find on the website, but the video stated that units start at $1.5 million dollars and can house up to 10 friends. So if you have 9 friends who can also pony up $150,000 each, you're set. Maybe. The article said the initial units sold out immediately, but the contractor was working on new units soon to be available.

You could then listen to the R.E.M. song and smile while the rest of the world burns.

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