Now at the Evansville IMAX:  The latest superhero thingy (not quite a movie but lots more than a comic book) from Marvel Comics Studio, "Thor," a gigantically

noisy but fun-for-the-fans exercise in silly plotting, overacting, and colorful images in good 3D. There's this king of Asgard see, his name is Odin and he's worshipped as a god by the Norsemen here on Earth. He has two sons - Thor - a big, blond and beefcakey guy who looks great in golden armor, and Loki. The less said of him the better 'cause he's sort of a cross between a wimpy little grade-school tattletale and a giant popsicle, and he has other issues, too. Thor has a mighty hammer, his weapon of choice, that's reeealy heavy and works like a boomerang! When he throws it at a blue meanie, it knocks him silly and then flies back to Thor. COOL!

There's Natalie Portman as an Earth scientist who first finds Thor after he's been banished to Earth for his sin of not giving peace a chance and trying to start a war between the ice giants from the planet (where else) and almost getting everbody on Asgard killed, and we're only 10 minutes into the plot. So Odin zaps Thor to Earth ( the planet of pancakes and poptarts, both of which Thor loves) for a little time-out to get his head back together.

There are mysterious government agents swarming thru the plot getting in Thor's way all the time, giant firebreathing robots, Anthony Hopkins doing his "weary old king thing," a talented newcomer named Chris Hemsworth that we will see more of in future I'm sure, plus a lot of other actors who don't leave much of an impression and oodles more plot, and, and, and, the kitchen sink. The End. Whew!

THOR - 3 stars for the comic book fans, also giant and noisy special effects movie fans and those who are just desperate to get in out of the rain and happen to be standing outside a multiplex at the time. I personally enjoyed all the full-volume 3D silliness of it all, the fact that it is NOT a sequel, and had a very good time chuckling at all of the over-the-top, good-spirited goofiness on parade.