Did anyone think that SNL was going to get Chris Hemsworth to guest host and not do an Avengers sketch? Of course not! Although Avengers: Age of Ultron isn’t out for another two months, this bit takes place after the events of that film, following Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as they deal with the fallout from winning their toughest battle yet. Well, at least some of them are dealing with the fallout. Thor is just partying.

First of all, it’s super weird to see Hemsworth in a Thor costume while using his natural Australian accent. It’s just right, guys. Overall though, it’s Hemsworth who elevates the sketch beyond merely okay, bringing life to a series of not-that-great impersonations from the rest of the cast. The Captain America impression? Not that great. But Thor making fun of Captain America behind his back for being a humorless scold? Priceless.

Also, what surprisingly ups the joke factor are the news headlines appearing at the bottom of the screen. It’s kind of funny for a traumatized Bruce Banner to worry that he may have eaten a guy while in Hulk form, but it’s very funny when the headline “Hulk ate a guy” appears in actual text. Nothing is ever more deadpan than a news banner.

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