A storm chaser was after a large tornado in Missouri when he made one crucial mistake and found himself getting slammed by the twister he was chasing.

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The YouTube channel Tornado Intercept just shared this video a few weeks ago documenting a chase they did on October 24, 2021 when a twister touched down near Purdin, Missouri. The chaser is sharing this video as a teachable moment about how dangerous storm chasing is and how one mistake can injure or cost you your life. Here's how he described it on his video share:

One year ago while documenting the Purdin, MO Tornado (rated EF-2), I lost all situational awareness and almost cost me my life. This is how easy it is for things to go wrong while storm chasing. It is a dangerous endeavor.

Watch how close this guy got to being rolled by a large wedge EF-2 tornado.

You might recall that October 24, 2021 was a very stormy day in Missouri as the National Weather Service documented 7 different tornadoes that day. The one the chaser above was after was the largest they recorded on October 24, 2021.

Infographic, National Weather Service
Infographic, National Weather Service

I appreciate this storm chaser is willing to show his error in hopes that everyone else will learn that chasing storms should only be done by trained professionals and even then with extreme caution.

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