Spring is here with summer not too far behind. For many people, that means breaking the camper or tent out of storage and heading to one of the many great state parks we have in Indiana. If you're a regular camper at any of these parks, you're likely familiar with the campground host. These individuals usually have a highly visible spot somewhere on one of the loops along the main road that runs through the campground, or near the entrance to it, depending on the park, with a posted sign that clearly lets everyone know their role. They get to camp for free in exchange for performing certain duties around the campground. If that thought sounds appealing to you, you're just the type of person the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is looking for.

The following campgrounds, a few of which are within a reasonable driving distance from the Tri-State, are currently in need of hosts for the upcoming summer camping season, according to a post on the Indiana State Parks Facebook page:

  • Deam Lake SRA
  • Chain O'Lakes
  • Greene-Sullivan State Forest
  • Ouabache State Park
  • Patoka Lake
  • Pokagon State Park
  • Potato Creek State Park
  • Salamonie Lake
  • Salamonie River State Forest
  • Starve Hollow SRA
  • Turkey Run State Park
  • Yellowwood State Forest

According to the DNR website, hosts typically work a minimum of 20 hours per week during their stay. The length of the stay and the duties hosts are responsible for covering are different for each park. While many require a minimum 30-day stay, a few offer the option of staying as long as seven months.

Duties range from everything to assisting campers with registration and being available to help in any way they need to cleaning shower houses and fire pits, to helping with special activities and events at the park's nature center.

You can find the complete list of parks, along with the hosting requirements and contact info for each on the DNR website.

[Source: Indiana State Parks on Facebook]

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