Springtime is so beautiful. Everywhere you look, trees are alive with color and flowers are blooming. It’s as if a fresh start has blanketed the Tristate. Walking through my yard. I was struck by a thought that moved me. A view of the trees before me and their different colors, textures, shapes and heights brought an thoughtful analogy into my heart and mind.

What if, when we looked at the people around us, we saw them like we see the amazing nature around us in the Spring? The people we see on the street, at the restaurants, at work, at the track meet, at the store. What if we saw them for the beauty they bring to the world.

We all are so different and just like the trees in my back yard, we are together, The differences in each of us is what makes for the most beautiful situations and places. Like the trees, we change, we grow taller, older and out colors fade. But, it’s our ever changing nature that brings the awesomeness and reveals of glowing colors.

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Some of us glow differently on the outside, while others glow differently from the inside. And, just like the Crape Myrtle, Dogwood, Maple and Oak are all different, they are all trees. We are like that too. No matter our differences in name, looks, color, location; we are all human and its our humanity that is what holds us together.

Do me a favor, tomorrow, when you look at someone, find their beauty, appreciate their individuality and love them for all that they bring to the ever changing seasons of the human existence.





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