I grew up living right next to the Salvation Army in Princeton, Indiana. I felt like I had a pretty good idea of the things they could do for the community, mostly because we had to utilize those services.

Meals and More

I clearly remember my mom signing up for a basket of food during the holidays. Even back the the need was so great that you had o get your name in early. I remember her also requesting assistance with our electric or heat bills. Now the Princeton Salvation Army has expanded, and my childhood house is their parking lot.


I had to mention the Princeton connection since Alex Rahman, the Director of Community Engagement The Salvation Army of Evansville mentioned that he knew of me from Princeton.

What is a Salvation Army Tip Tap?

When I hear 'TipTap' I think about a fun dance. I suppose dancing will be in order when I tell you what this means for the Salvation Army. We're used to seeing the bell ringers at the red kettles, but we can only really donate what cash we might happen to have on us. But now with the Tip Tap system, you can donate any amount you would like with your credit or debit card. As long as the green light is on, the kettle is ready to Tip Tap.


Now with even more exciting news! A generous donor is MATCHING all donations made through the new Tip Tap system up to $5,000!!!

There are 20 Tip Taps at local Schnucks and Walmart locations from now until Christmas Eve.

salvation army
salvation army

Toy Town 2022

In partnership with Old National Bank and Toys for Tots of Southern Indiana, toy and gift donations will be collected at local Old National Bank Locations and at over 100 locations across the Tri-State Area.

Toy Town Box Locations 

  • Allies Building Material - 1301 E. Tennessee St. Evansville IN 47724
  • Amazon - 1483 Foundation Ave
  • Ashley Homestore - 1441 N Green River Rd, Evansville IN 47715
  • AT&T - 330 N. Burkhardt, Evansville IN 47715
  • Bargain Hunt - 2020 Center Dr, Evansville In
  • Berry Plastics - 2415 Locust Creek Dr. Evansville IN 47720
  • Berry Plastics - 101 Oakley St, Evansville IN
  • Berry Plastics - 3245 Kansas Rd, Evansville IN
  • Chris' West Side Auto Service - 401 W. Franklin St. Evansville IN 47710
  • Christ the King School - 3101 Bayard Park Dr, Evansville IN
  • CSL Plasma - 2000 Center Drive, Evansville IN 47711
  • Dartt Automotive - 301 W Franklin St, Evansville IN 
  • Dollar General - 2131 S Weinbach Ave
  • Dollar General - 1104 W Fulton
  • Dollar General - Mariner Dr, Evansville IN
  • Dollar General - (New Harmony)1119 Church St, New Harmony IN 47631
  • Don's Claytons - 225 W  Morgan (Main Plant)
  • Edward Jones - 4705 S Theater Dr
  • Edward Jones - 4432 West Lloyd Expressway (Schnucks Plaza)
  • Edward Jones - 3922 Venetian Way Ste 3 (Newburgh)
  • Edward Jones - 430 Southwind Plaza Rd, Mt Vernon
  • Evansville Comprehensive Treatment - 1510 W Franklin St, Evansville IN (47710)
  • Evansville Primary Care - 4933 Plaza E Blvd, Evansville IN
  • Hebron Elementary School - 4400 Bellemead Ave, Evansville IN 
  • Heritage Woods Newburgh - 4211 Grimm Rd
  • Hornbrook Estates - 5001 E. Riverside Drive
  • IGA - 2220 East Morgan Evv 47711
  • Kaiser Aluminum
  • Kemper CPA -  7200 Eagle Crest Blvd
  • Maranatna Baptist Church - 3200 Casey Rd
  • Menards - 2808 Menards Dr, Evansville IN
  • Moto Mart - 1900 N. Green River Rd, Evansville IN 
  • Pro ReHab - 5625 Pearl Dr. Suite 100 47725
  • Pro ReHab - 8887 High Pointe Dr., Suite E Newburgh
  • Pro ReHab - 4659 N First Ave, Evansville IN 47710
  • Pro ReHab - 415 Crosslake Dr, Evansville In 47715
  • Project Associates - 333 D. Plaza East Blvd
  • Raben Tire and Auto - 5911 Pearl Dr., Evansville IN 47712
  • Ross Medical Education - 227 N. Green River Rd, Evansville IN 
  • Rural King - 2800 N. St. Joe West, Evansville IN 
  • Swat Pest - 2501 N. Cullen
  • Taco Johns - 604 N St. Joe Ave, Evansville IN 47712
  • Taco Johns - 2509 Washington Ave, Evansville IN 47714
  • Tools for Teaching - 401 S. Green River Rd
  • True Title Service -  suite 102 (back) Plaza East Blvd, Evansville IN
  • Vertical Escape - 1315 N Royal Ave, Evansville IN

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About The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.

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