If you're feeling a little adventurous and want something different to do, Visit Posey County will be hosting a huge scavenger hunt for you to take part in.

Scavenger hunts are a pretty fun. It's basically a treasure hunt without the pirates. You roam around looking for clues and objects to find the prize at the end. We've done some virtual scavenger hunts through our app in the past and have seen a few scavenger hunts here in the community in the past, but there's one coming up that is massive!

Visit Posey County will be hosting a scavenger hunt throughout the entire county May 15th and 16th. According to the event page,

Posey County is home to several historic locations. Some locations are well known, and other spots are hidden gems. This Posey County Scavenger Hunt will take you on an adventure throughout our beautiful County uncovering special sites and interesting facts.
This self-guided scavenger hunt will is one where you can participate in a group or you can do it by yourself at your own pace. They say that the scavenger hunt can be completed in two days, or it's entirely possible that you can finish it all in one single day. Either way, it's a pretty exciting thing you can do while still practicing social distancing with your family or friends.
In case you were wondering what some of the incentives are for participating in this scavenger hunt, there's a lot more than just the opportunity to explore and learn about Posey County. You'll have the opportunity to win some very special prizes including overnight stays, gift cards, special prizes and more.
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The event's page says that prizes will be based on the number of locations that you find and your entry will be collected by taking a photo and correctly answering the question at each location. You'll need to use the hashtag #visitposeycounty in each photo to submit your entry.
Visit Posey County wants you to keep checking the event page for more information and announcements on this scavenger hunt that they will post in the weeks leading up to the event.

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