We might not be done with football just yet, but man I am so ready for St. Louis Cardinals baseball. This season the Cardinals are rolling out over 30 theme events throughout the season.

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Every year it seems the Cardinals get better and better with their theme ticket schedule, and they just rolled out all 30 events for the upcoming season. Get ready for a new Looney Tunes Day on June 11 and the return of past favorites Teachers Night, Boy Band Night, Fiesta Cardenales, and Fredbird’s Bird-day Party.

Theme Nights for 2023

  • Peanuts Night - April 3rd
  • College Night 1 - April 4th
  • Class of 2023 Night - April 13th
  • Friends Night - April 14th
  • African American Heritage Day - April 15th
  • Donate Life Day - April 16th
  • College Night 2 - April 17th
  • Weather Day - April 19th
  • Nurses Appreciation - May 3rd & 4th
  • Boy Band Night - May 5th
  • Sesame Street Day - May 7th
  • Cancer Awareness Night - May 15th
  • Mental Health Awareness Night - May 16th
  • Illini Night - May 17th
  • Grateful Dead Night - May 19th
  • SEMO Day - May 21
  • World Wide Technology Raceway Night - May 30th
  • Pride Night - June 9th
  • Looney Tunes Day - June 11th
  • Teachers Night - Junes 12th & 13th
  • Star Wars Night - June 28th
  • STL CITY SC Night - July 14th
  • Shark Week Theme Day - July 16th
  • Christmas in July - July 17th
  • Mizzou Night - July 27th
  • DC Comics Super Hero Night - August 2nd
  • Fredbird's Bird-Day Party - August 6th
  • WWE Night - August 17th
  • Military Appreciation Night - August 18th
  • Golf Night - August 28th
  • Billikens Nights - August 29th
  • Margaritaville Night - September 1st
  • Fiesta cardenales - September 3rd
  • St. Louis Blues Night - September 15
  • First Responders Appreciation - September 17th & 18th
  • Halfway to St. Patrick's Day - September 20

Additionally, there will be several chances for fans to get their hands on some new bobbleheads, cups, blankets, and other fun Cardinal promotional items. Let's be honest, some of us wait to see what the promotional giveaways are before we start buying up Cardinal tickets. This year the Cards look to host some really fun teams such as the Blue Jays, Yankees and Mets, LA Dodgers, Detroit Tigers, Texas Rangers, Cleveland, and one of the best rivals in sports the Chicago Cubs.

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Tickets for both theme games and promotional games are on sale.

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