Another unexpected victim of the COVID-19 pandemic, Peeps.  I feel like Peeps are one of those polarizing candies that you either love or hate.  Personally I love anything with marshmallows, so I am all about some Peeps! Although I don't totally love the weird flavors, i'm good with standard Peeps.

Now usually I get Peeps around Easter as I feel the rabbit and chick peeps are the staple of the Peeps varieties, but around Halloween I can never resist picking up a pack of their Halloween themed Peeps.  The Frankenstein and the ghost ones have always been a favorite of mine. Unfortunately this year we won't get Peeps for Halloween, and we can thank COVID for that too.

According to the reason we won't get Peeps this season is because in April, Just Born had to close down their factories to keep workers safe.  When they resumed production they resumed it at a lower rate, and have to began working on the demand for Easter Peeps. That means no Halloween, Christmas, or Valentine's Day themed Peeps this year.

The good news is, Peeps will be back in 2021!

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