Expensive upkeep, safety hazards and shrinking attendance have forced the Newburgh Town Council to announce the closing of the Newburgh Community Pool.

This was very difficult decision to make, but when faced with the facts, it seems like they had no other choice but to close the doors to the 45-year-old pool. See for yourself with the information below, provided by Town Manager Christy Powell.

  • Each season the pool costs approximately $100,000 to operate.
  • Revenues over the past few years have been approximately $40,000 with declining overall attendance and not so rave reviews about pool and bath house conditions.  Despite major marketing efforts last season and a reduction in price which increased our attendance we were unable to affect change.
  • The 45 year old pool is a bowl inside of a bowl.  The outside ‘bowl’ or exterior gutter walls were poured in sections and have separated over the years.  The constant leak requires us to add 1000-1500 gallons of water a day which makes it difficult to stabilize chemical balances and guarantee water safety not to mention the cost of the water and additional chemicals.
  • The pool deck has raised and lowered posing a tripping hazard.
  • Electrical and plumbing is outdated and not working properly.
  • Just to turn the water on for the season, a backflow preventer would need to be installed to comply with code at a cost of $14,000.00.

Newburgh would like to add a pool/water park to the new Lou Dennis Community Park. Funding for this new area will be a big hurdle to clear though. In early March, the Parks Board will hold an open forum to discuss the new pool project (date TBD).

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