Most of us at one point or another have “over spent” during the holiday season. In fact, 8 in 10 consumers admit they overspend on holiday purchases. (TD Bank Survey) Between the food, the gifts, and the endless get togethers’ it is hard to stay on track and within budget. Your BBB®  has some tips to get your budget back on track after the holiday season!

1. All in….know how much you owe

This will likely be the most stressful part of getting back on budget after the holiday season. It is important to total up all of your debt to see where you truly stand. From here you can start to attack your debt by separating out by highest priority.

2. Prepare for next year

Ensure that next holiday season doesn’t creep up on you. Prepare and plan ahead! There are many ways to start saving now, such as a holiday savings account or you can take $20 out of each check and put away for safe keeping. Lastly, spread out your gift buying schedule to all year so when the holidays come it doesn’t seem so overwhelming!

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