There's a new traffic pattern on the Square in Boonville, that has many people confused.  The confusion is completely understandable. Even I wasn't entirely sure what was going on when I drove through earlier this week. Hopefully this will clear things up a bit for your.

If you are heading toward the Square on Locust Street, you will notice that the road is painted to show the traffic pattern has shifted to the right. According to Boonville View:

There is no longer parking available on either side of Locust. The right turn/straight lane at Locust and Second streets is now in the lane that was dedicated to parking for the Post Office, the 1901 Emporium and Vapor Bank. The former right turn/straight lane is now the left turn/straight lane.

It may sound confusing, especially to those of us who are used to driving that way over the years. Essentially, the intersection of Locust and Second streets, the two lanes shift to the left, eliminating the left turn only lane into a straight/left turn lane. Then once you drive through the intersection of Locust and Third, the two lanes shift to the right, where it is back to normal. Michael Taylor of Studio 23 Media provided a birds-eye view to demonstrate the traffic pattern shift.

According to Boonville View, we can expect to see this traffic pattern stick around until the Square reconstruction project is completed, which is expected to be around October. It's safe to assume that you will see something similar traffic pattern shifts on the intersections of Main and Second, as well as Main and Third, in the near future.

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