Is it time to sign your little ones up for preschool? School is almost out for summer and that means it might be time to get your little ones enrolled in preschool for next school year! It seems preschool and even daycare is such a process and most places are on the east side of town, in Newburgh, or in Downtown. However, with a new school opening in Darmstadt, it could be the solution for you and your family!

Okay, so it's not a "new school" but Trinity Lutheran School and Church in Darmstadt had a preschool through eight grade program for many years. I actually went there all through my youth and graduated from there before going to highschool. The school shut down not too many years after I graduated. There were various reasons and since then, they have been trying to reopen as a preschool. Finally after many renovations, meetings, and a new director they are ready to enroll for the fall!

Trinity Lutheran Preschool Darmstadt has a variety of options. You can send your child to just the preschool or even all day! I think my favorite part is the location. So many parents are having to drive to town just to take the kids to preschool. With the new developing area on HWY 41, North Jr/High out that way, and the housing market going up this is a great location to send your little ones.

If you are looking to enroll your child, give them a call 812- 867-5279 or schedule a tour!

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