There are some days when you feel like the weight of the world is crushing you. Compounded with social media and a culture that many times values 'free speech' over kindness, we feel like there is no one in our corner - no one to turn to. One small church aims to combat that by offering a weekly Love & Acceptance Support Group.

The Refuge Christian Church, the small church in the Newburgh/Chandler area that went viral over the holidays for paying for local families' Christmases at the east side Walmart, offers weekly small weekly groups but this one is new and completely different from anything else offered in the tri-state.

From the TRCC site:

Are you struggling to keep you head above water? Do you have feelings that you're not enough? Are you struggling with addictions? There are times in our lies that we need extra help to get through the day. TRCC is offering a new R group called Love & Acceptance. It will start the first week of February and meet every Monday at TRCC from 6:30-8:30 PM. 

Within our support group, it will be a safe place to come and open up while still being loved and accepted. In our group, we will be using a unique teaching style. We will have a small teaching, followed by an open group share. Then we'll enjoy a craft or baking experience and we'll end with a snack and a prayer. Everyone needs more love and acceptance. 

Please join us and see how the excitement will build in your heart and soul. Support groups can be fun! 

Love & Acceptance will start the first week of February and meet every Monday at TRCC from 6:30-8:30 PM. TRCC is located at the corner of Bell and Telephone Road in Chandler. For more information visit the TRCC website.

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