In the world of the culinary arts, there are just some things that always pair well together. Tequila and tacos may very well be at the top of that list and a new restaurant coming to Southern Indiana will be serving up both.

What We Know

The details about the new restaurant are scarce but we do know a few things. For example, we know that the new restaurant will be located in Evansville on Franklin Street - a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike to find good eats, cold drinks, and live entertainment.

Photo by Ato Aikins on Unsplash

What's In a Name

The new restaurant, located at 2215 West Franklin Street, is called Noche, which is Spanish for night, and based on their logo on Facebook, they will be specializing in "tequila y tacos," (tequila and tacos).

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More Details

As we mentioned, there are not a lot of details yet about Noche, but according to a post made on Facebook by Evansville 411 News, Noche is owned by the same people responsible for several other Evansville area restaurants including The Rooftop, Birdies Downtown, Pips Pub, and The Landing.

A new restaurant is in the works for Franklin Street on Evansville's west side!
NOCHE Tequila Y Tacos will offer traditional Mexican fare with an emphasis on Tacos and only the best Tequilas. The new restaurant is being developed by the owner of The Rooftop, Birdies Downtown Evansville, Pips Pub and The Landing - Newburgh, which he hopes to have open on Franklin Street by Late Summer 2023.


[Source: Evansville 411 News]

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