NASA is really giving a Saturn 1 rocket away to whoever can transport it. According to

The first is that it’s in mint condition and has never been used.  If it had, it would be at the bottom of the ocean somewhere...

The second thing you should be aware of is that even though NASA will ‘re-home’ it for free, there is one catch.  Whomever takes the rocket has to pay the whopping $250,000 cost to have it shipped.

How cool would it be to own a real rocket? it's one of those things that sounds like good in theory, a violin from your childhood creams, but would probably just be too much to deal with. Can you imagine how your subdivision rules board would feel about a rocket in your driveway? Remember when everybody got their panties in a ruffle about Jack's RV? Or, too many cars parked in your driveway. LOL 

If the inner astronaut in you still wants it, fill out an screening application HERE

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