Breaking a bottle with a knife looks so easy in the movies, so it must be easy in real life, right? Not for one man who tried and ultimately failed.

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We've all seen people use a knife, a sword, or something sharp to open a champagne/wine bottle, looks easy. I've never seen it in person, but of course on TV shows and movies, but to try it on my own, yeah not so much. One man took on that challenge and try and open a bottle with a small knife (maybe that was his problem) and after several attempts to open the bottle, he failed.

There are so many problems with this man. One from what I have seen on TV, these bottles need to be open with a much bigger knife than a pocket knife that it looks like he's using. Also, make sure that you have a good grip on the bottle and do not drop it as this guy did. Hope he didn't spend too much on that bottle.

I do want to try this at some point in my life, maybe with a somewhat cheap bottle of wine. In the videos that I have seen with the successful bottle opening technique, the wine goes everywhere so I am not sure what the point of opening a bottle like this is, maybe just the fact that you can open a bottle this way. I will try this do, it really does look like fun.

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