After many years at the zoo, the Monkey Ship has finally gotten a makeover, and new life brought to it!

Photo Credit: Mesker Park Zoo

If you grew up in the tri-state, chances are you have fond memories of going to the zoo and of course seeing all the monkeys hanging out on the ship, and while monkeys won't be returning to the ship, something really fun is in their place, bumper boats!

Photo: Mesker Park Zoo

Mesker Park Zoo recently teamed up with Skanska and Unspoken Art Studio to give the tri-state favorite a well deserved makeover.  The ship looks good as new, and the colors along with the artwork on it are beautiful!  Some paint, and elbow grease isn't all the ship got, it also had some concrete repair, pressure washing, netting removed, and now the new addition of bumper boats!!

The pool around the ship has been filled with water, and the bumper boats are now open for business! Now kids can enjoy bumping into each other, while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the monkey ship.  It's 2 tokens per rider.

I love that the ship finally got some life brought back to it! Growing up I remember

Photo Credit: Mesker Park Zoo

seeing the monkey ship and being in awe of it, so it's been a little sad to see it sitting, and weathered.  I'm so glad Mesker Park Zoo has preserved and restored the ship, it's definitely something many of us have fond memories attached to, and I'm glad to see that the zoo appreciates those memories just as much as we do!

Thank you to Mesker Park Zoo, Skanska, and Unspoken Art Studio for breathing new life into this awesome feature at the zoo! I can't wait to see it in person!