Wisconsin is one of many Midwest states that is known for its sparsity between towns and beautiful outdoors. Though Wisconsin is mainly known for their love and appreciation of cheese, the small town of Hayward, WI has been putting on the Lumberjack World Championships since 1960. This International competition invites professional lumberjacks and lumberjills (female lumberjack) to compete in a series of tasks over a three-day period, with one competition being wilder than the next. 

History of Competition 

The Lumberjack World Championships were inaugurated in 1960 to perpetuate and glorify the working skills of the American Lumberjack. Hayward, Wisconsin came into existence because of the lumber industry; therefore, it was fitting that one of the largest logging competitions should be held here also.

-Tony Wise, founder of the Lumberjack World Championships 

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As any Michigander knows, the logging industry is what helped the Midwest initially take off as a sustainable land to inhabit and profit from. With the tradition of competition between lumberjacks having begun back in the 1890’s, today’s competition is a modern extension of these tasks and skills. Located at what was once known as Historyland, a historical theme park that is no longer standing but whose focus was the heritage of WI fur trade, Indian culture, and logging industry. Though time and technology has changed some of the equipment, on the shores of Lake Hayward log rolling, boom running, speed pole climbing, chopping, axe throwing, and sawing competitions take place to uncover the Lumberjack World Champ. 

Lumberjack World Championship Today 

Considered the premier timber sport, and highly respected worldwide, each year, this competition brings in an estimated 12,000 spectators, with over 100 professional lumberjacks arriving internationally to compete. This competition primarily challenges an individual's speed, balance, lightness of foot, strength, focus, and timber skills. Still located on Lake Hayward, today’s competition uses the same events to highlight the tasks of ‘yesteryear’ with today’s technology and styles. While there, be sure to visit the food (specifically the cheese curds) and entertainment areas where games and bands are held. 

Tickets are still on sale for this year's competition, which will take place July 28th-30th.  

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