Does Rush Limbaugh plant phony callers on his show, so as to get a certain viewpoint across that might not get aired otherwise? So think some of his biggest critics. Or, at least, they say they do. Talkers Magazine has the details:

A small controversy is brewing in the mainstream media over Premiere Radio Networks’ “Premiere On Call” service that provides scripted calls by professional actors for radio shows. Since Rush (and Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck) are part of the Premiere stable, some wondered aloud if the three had used the service – something denied by Premiere when it was contacted by journalists about the service. Limbaugh was angered enough at the thought of it that he took time out of his daily program to emphatically deny it. He told his listeners you couldn’t fake the stuff heard on his show and said the only “fakers” calling in to his show are liberals trying to sneak onto the program. There is controversy over this subject as some broadcasters find the concept “unethical,” but the reality is that scripted content in radio – whether by in-studio talent or anyone else – is as old as the medium itself.

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Talkers Magazine

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