I've had several good news stories recently from my hometown of Princeton, IN and I'm here for it. I need to give one of my friends a shout-out for her promotion.

I went to the library a lot when I was growing up in Princeton. We lived close enough to walk, and there was no internet back then, so the only way to learn about anything was with books. Ok, who are we kidding, I'm the one that checked out magazines. You could keep those for a week, so I was at the library a lot.

I even have great memories of the children's room and reading Encyclopedia Brown books or Paddington Bear. But don't ask me to use the card catalog. As I'm writing this I had to ask my husband what it was even called.

What I'm saying is that I loved having such a nice place to walk to when I was growing up. I could never be a librarian, but I have a friend that is so perfect for the job. She's so amazing at what she's done with the library, She should be the Director!

I remember when Shannon Linsey worked at Walmart, and drove a red Camero (I think that's what it was). But she is now doing the job that she is meant for.

Shannon has been named the new Director of the Princeton Public Library. 

attachment-Shannon Sturgeon Linsday

When Shannon was the Marketing & Programs Coordinator, we got a sneak peek of the new addition and renovations. She was a guest on our show in January of 2020, and I know she was ready for it to be complete way back then. She is definitely proud to show off everything the Princeton Public Library has to offer. You can tell that the library is near and dear to her heart.

Princeton Public Library's Grand Expansion Celebration

The Princeton Public Library has been working on a $5 million dollar expansion, and it's finally complete.
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See Inside The Princeton Public Library's Grand Expansion

The Princeton Public Library has been working on a $5 million dollar expansion, and it's finally complete.

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