Coming up with a Cubicle Confession every month is not as easy as it may seem. Sure, we all have plenty of embarrassing stories or habits to talk about, that’s not the tough part – the tough part is deciding which one(s) we are brave enough to actually share. How much information is too much information – is there even such a thing as TMI when it comes to our confessions? I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a big weenie when it comes to this. I ponder long and hard about whether to divulge certain shameful confessions. I don’t know if my partner Liberty worries about that kind of thing. Her confession today is a perfect example of that fearlessness.

The fact is, Liberty’s confession is something that we ALL have done in our lifetimes, a whole bunch of times, in fact. The question is – do you still do it, and are you brave enough to admit it?

Okay, Liberty just admitted it, and I admitted it too, thanks to her courage. Sooooo, is there anything you would like to admit? Maybe you pick your nose too (you know you do), and you’re not afraid for the world to know it?

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