I remember reading somewhere that your closet is basically a look inside your real life. Since mine is either semi-organized or a complete disaster, this seems to be true for me.

According to Readers Digest, a cluttered closet is pretty telling;

Whether you may be holding on to your past. If your closet is filled with suits from your last job, old team uniforms, or clothes that no longer fit, you’re in love with the memories associated with those garments, not the clothes themselves. Take a photograph of each item, then give them away.

Now, I'm sure there are things that I could part ways with, but that takes so much time and effort. It's much easier for me to shove everything in, close the door, and hope for the best. I actually do the same thing in my kitchen cabinets. You never know when you'll be hit with falling pans or unmatched tupperware.

"I promise you are not alone. My clothes are literally everywhere. Folding laundry is not my strong suit. My life is one giant game of which basket of laundry is clean and where are my good yoga pants? Also- I just took a browse through my friend 

Carrie's closet this weekend and hers looks pretty identical to what you have going on. No shame in this confession. I would venture to say you are pretty normal on this one." ~ Tabatha Helmick
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