One Kentucky State Park is now home to some larger-than-life wooden giants known simply as The Big Twigs. These 14-foot tall sculptures will welcome guests to Lake Malone State Park thanks to a partnership between the Muhlenberg County Tourism Commission and Kentucky State Parks.

Gigantic Works of Art

According to a press release, the gigantic works of art were funded "by a grant from the Felix E. Martin Jr. Foundation, along with matching donations from Owensboro Health Muhlenberg Community Hospital and Old National Bank." Created by artist Steve Brauch of Brainchild Creative LLC, the Big Twigs are located at Malone Lake State Parks campsites, its lakeside fishing area, and at its hiking trails. The Big Twigs are free and open to the public for viewing and photo opportunities.

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Lake Malone State Park

The press release describes Lake Malone State Park,

Lake Malone State Park is one of 45 Kentucky state parks that offer a variety of outdoor recreation activities that Kentuckians can enjoy. Located in Dunmor, the park consists of over 200 acres with well-maintained hiking trails, camping sites, picnic pavilions and playgrounds. The 788-acre lake is enclosed by dramatic 50-foot sandstone bluffs and surrounded by hardwood forests of mountain laurel, holly and dogwood trees.

The Big Twigs

The trio of sculptures each represents the area of the park where they are located. One Big Twig has a hiking stick. One has a marshmallow on a stick for roasting and the third Big Twig can be seen with a fishing pole in hand and a bobber on his line. The Big Twigs are definitely going to be worth the visit to Malone Lake State Park.

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