Kentucky Kingdom is one of the best attractions in the bluegrass state.  They are taking the theme park to a whole other level with a fun new fall attraction.


Kentucky Kingdom is located in Louisville, Kentucky on the Kentucky State Farm Grounds.  It was actually Six Flags at one point and time.

Here's how TripAdvisor describes the park;

Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay offer more than 70 thrilling rides, coasters, and water attractions! In 2014, we doubled the size of Hurricane Bay Water Park, adding eight new attractions and the world's tallest body slide, Deep Water Dive! We also introduced Lightning Run roller coaster- a steel coaster with a 100-foot, 80-degree drop; T3, a suspended looping coaster with five gravity-defying inversions - sure to make you flip head over heels, literally; on our award-winning coaster, STORM CHASER! Storm Chaser is the first coaster in America to feature a barrel roll drop from a 10-story lift hill – and don’t get us started on the 78-degree angle of that drop… that’s nearly perpendicular!

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Kentucky Kingdom officials recently announced a brand-new illuminated pumpkin attraction coming to the park.  Not only will they have 1000's massive pumpkins lit up throughout the park, but they will also have glowing rides, themed displays, inflatable pumpkins, and so much more.

Pumpkins at Kentucky Kingdom won't actually be open until October 1-October 31.

According to the Nkytribune other activities include;

• More than 1,000 illuminated pumpkins,
• Over 50 glowing rides, trees, and buildings,
• Dazzling pumpkin sculptures towering over 12 feet,
• Seven photo-worthy iconic moments,
• Two themed displays with over 125 pumpkins,
• Two inflatable pumpkin-themed displays,
• Fall-themed food offerings, activities, and more

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