Though the franchise was successful under Pierce Brosnan's run, when Daniel Craig became James Bond the series got a new life and a rebooting, with 'Casino Royale' starting just as Bond received his license to kill. The series has done a lot of work to integrate previous Bond lore with its more modern approach (and recently re-introduced Miss Moneypenny), but now it seems the path is clear for Bond's most famous nemesis Blofeld to return to the series.

As reported by Hitfix, MGM and Danjaq have long been involved trying to get full control of the rights to all Bond material, which was stymied by Kevin McClory. McClory collaborated with series creator Ian Fleming on the story for 'Thunderball' and because of that, he was able to make the film 'Never Say Never Again.' But now MGM and Danjaq have those rights and can take from any of Fleming's past material with no fear of a lawsuit.

And as Blofeld was introduced in 'Thunderball' (the novel that is, he first appeared onscreen -- albeit as just a voice --- in 'From Russia with Love'), it's possible that the makers have stayed away from the character so they wouldn't have to deal with a new settlement. But with this issue now resolved, it's likely that the series will bring both SPECTRE. (Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) and Blofeld back, because why wouldn't they?

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