Like millions of iPhone users I'm all fired up about the new iPhone 5.  But what's really got me charged up is the new charger chord for the latest offering from Apple - The Lightning.  This sleeker, slimmer, charger chord is better than the old charging dock - but it could cost me extra to hold on to my old iPhone accessories.

Why?  Because the iPhone stuff I have now (desk docks, clocks, etc) won't fit the new 8-pin charger.  Which means I'm either going to have to buy new accessories (not likely right away) or shell out some bucks for an adapter to fit onto my existing accessories.  Apple has already produced two adapters - one for $29 and another for $39 that will be available in October.

The Lightning isn't all bad. The new power chord fits into the iPhone 5 on either side (iPhone users are very familiar with this one-sided dilemma) and it promises to charge the device and transfer data faster than before.

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