Indiana is home to countless unique, odd, and breathtaking locations. However, one location, in particular, was recently named Indiana's "Coolest Secret Location".

You may think you know about all of the cool travel destinations in Indiana, but do you really? There are a lot of "cool secret locations" in Indiana that locals might know about, but if you aren't from that town, you might not be aware of. I found an article from the travel team at Reader's Digest, where they listed the 'Coolest Secret Locations' in each of the 50 states. When it comes to Indiana, it is a location I haven't heard of before, but once I looked further into what it is, I want to go see it in person!

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What is Indiana's "Coolest Secret Location"?

Reader's Digest found that the "Coolest Secret Location" in Indiana is located in Indianapolis. However, you won't find it driving through the city or even walking the streets. This secret location is actually underneath the city of Indianapolis. Here's what Reader's Digest says:

Imagine a 20,000-square foot network of hallways, pathways, and passageways, hidden beneath the streets of Indianapolis—that describes the <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer">City Market Catacombs</a>. Created in the 1880s of limestone and brick, its entrance almost completely hidden from public view, the Catacombs purpose was to transport and store meats before the days of refrigeration. “Today, what lies under the Indianapolis City Market is one of only a few intact catacombs remaining in the United States today,” explains Caitlin Muller, a PR professional.

This place looks really cool. You can actually take tours of the Catacombs under Indianapolis. Learn more about these Catacombs by clicking here.


What About The States Surrounding Indiana?

What did Reader's Digest say were the coolest secret spots in our neighboring states? Let's take a quick look:

Illinois: Cave-In-Rock

Kentucky: National Corvette Museum

Michigan: Sleeping Bear

Ohio: The Bridges of Fairfield County

You can find out what the otter cool secret spots in the United States are by clicking here.

See 11 Unique Attractions You'll Only Find in Indiana

The website,, which keeps tabs on the more unique attractions each state has to offer, lists 75 attractions for Indiana. The following 11 are the ones I found to be the most interesting and hope to see in person with my own eyes one of these days.

LOOK: Here's Why Indiana is Pretty Much the Best Place on Earth [As Told by Hoosiers]

Reddit user, u/youcanneverbanme recently asked their fellow Hoosiers in the Indiana subreddit what they liked about living here. The question received hundreds of responses and the vast majority of them were positive. Of course, there were some that were negative because there are sad people who are perpetually angry on the internet and want everyone to know it for some reason, but we won't concern ourselves with those. We want to focus on the good, and when it comes to the good, there's plenty of it to enjoy.

40 Real Indiana Towns with Quirky, Weird, and Funny Names

Outside the major cities, the Hoosier state is full of tiny little towns you've probably passed through on your way to one of those cities. Most of them are likely 100 to 150 years old, or older, and have been around far longer than the large metropolitan areas such as Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, South Bend, and Evansville. Typically, they were started by early settlers who found their way to the state and decided to make it home. Eventually, others would join them, and a community was formed. Over time, as the surrounding areas grew, most of them were folded into those areas and governed by the nearest city or county's governing body officially making them "unincorporated," meaning they did not have their own formally organized municipal government.

A scroll through Wikipedia's long list of unincorporated communities in Indiana shows several of them have names that by today's standards would be considered weird, quirky, or just downright right funny. These are my 40 favorities.

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