Thanksgiving weekend is a huge weekend for travelling as people hit the road to visit family and friends, and students come home from college. More drivers means higher risks for accidents, so the Indiana State Police will be increasing patrols not only here in the Tri-State, but across the entire state to make sure people stay focused on the road and everyone gets where they're going safely.

The Department's Operation C.A.R.E. (Combined Accident Reduction Effort) is a federally funded project allowing the Department to have additional troopers on the highways, keeping an eye out for any driver that may be distracted by their phone, or driving erratically due to one too many drinks, or lack of sleep.

In a press release about Operation C.A.R.E., the ISP says "12 fatal crashes occurred on Indiana roadways" during Thanksgiving weekend last year, a number that should be zero.

The Department also offered the following tips for making sure you get to your destination safely:

  • Ensure you are well rested, especially if you have plans to travel a long distance. A fatigued driver is a dangerous driver and often mimics the driving behavior of an impaired driver.
  • Avoid driving distracted. Please don’t use your cellphone while driving.
  • Avoid “hanging out” in the left lane on multiple lane highways.
  • Always follow other motorists at a safe distance.
  • Obey all speed limits and use your turn signals.
  • Ensure everyone is buckled up.
  • Don’t drink and drive.
  • If you have plans to consume alcohol, please ensure you have a plan to get you and your family home safely.

In regards to the final suggestion, don't forget Logan's Promise is once again offering their Safe Ride Home Program all weekend long through a partnership with Lyft.

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