If you've been watching the NCAA Tournament, good job, you have your priorities in order.

There's nothing better than Iowa fans getting their hearts ripped out on a Thursday afternoon.

But you might have also noticed something else.

The basketball they're using is a bright orange. Much different from the usual brownish-orange basketball fans are used to.


Look for yourself, that ball pops wherever it is on the court.

It has some wondering if it is one of the low quality ones that we all played with as a kid.

This one:


The truth is that they're not cheap at all. They're about $128 and the new bright color is, in my opinion, a pretty genius marketing move by Chicago based Wilson Sports.

Wilson is the official ball of the NCAA tournament and this is the brand new ball that they unveiled earlier this year. They claim that the outer appearance of the ball is a result in a coating to improve feel and control.

USAToday.com - Wilson worked with the governing body and its member schools to test and approve the new ball that has a Micro-Touch cover, providing an extra layer of grip and moisture management, and a super soft core providing exceptional control and a softer feel.

But I believe it's just a very clever marketing campaign by Wilson. Who ever talks about the basketball during March Madness? Never. Unless it gets caught on the rim, you don't really notice it.

But when it's glowing orange out there, everyone starts talking about it and now I know a whole bunch about Wilson's new EVO NXT basketball that retails for 128 dollars on Amazon. All done with zero advertising dollars.

Well done Wilson. Now you can return to burning your bracket.

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