If you play sports long enough, especially youth sports, you are very likely to wind up playing against a former teammate, or maybe even one of your best friends.

That was the case when pitcher Ty Koehn found himself facing his childhood friend Jack Kocon in a game that would see the winning team advance to the state finals. These two young men are longtime buddies and former Little League teammates.

Koehn delivers a called third strike to win the game for his team, and to end the high school career of Kocon. Instead of joining the celebratory pile of teammates, he immediately runs to his friend is still standing at home plate. He gives him a big hug and tries to console his friend after his last high school baseball game.

As a former baseball player and current youth baseball coach, I can appreciate this situation and it encourages me so much to see this kind of sportsmanship and comradery.

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