Evansville Animal Care and Control does their best to take strays off the street, and help reunite lost dogs with their owners.  However there's only so many kennels, and when they're full decisions have to be made.  You can help by fostering or adopting, here's how.

Animal Control does their best to keep up with the heavy demand of strays, lost pets, and owner surrenders, but it's hard.  There's just not enough kennels. Unfortunately in instances like this when kennels are full animal control has no choice but to euthanize.  Thanks to local rescues and shelters, animal controls rates of euthanasia have gone way down, but unfortunately that number isn't down to zero yet because there's just too many dogs needing homes.

One of the many dogs at Animal Control looking for a home or their owner if they've been lost (Photo: Another Chance for Animals)

Another Chance for Animals is a great local rescue, that pulls directly from Animal Control.  They don't have a location, so they are a home-based foster rescue.  Meaning all of the dogs in their care go into foster homes until they can find their forever home.  Which is great! But unfortunately just like Animal Control, they just can't keep up with the demand as well. ACA has a very special place in my heart, as my first ever rescue dog, Wrigley came from them. They pulled her from Animal Control.

If you have ever considered fostering or adopting a pet, now is the time. Another Chance for Animals will set you up if you're interested in fostering, reach out to them here!

If you aren't in a position to foster or adopt, that's okay too.  You have to know your limits. If you can, monetary donations to help with food and vet bills are always helpful. You can also help by sharing this information on social media, and following the rescues online and sharing when they need help. It's a small gesture, but many small gestures add up to big things!