So, I'm driving down the Lloyd Expressway yesterday and everyone is dodging something in the road. What is it? Oh, it's a single pink New Balance shoe. You might be thinking, "that's weird." Or maybe you are like me and you are thinking, "WHY DO I SEE SO MANY SINGLE DISCARDED SHOES ON THE ROAD?"

For as long as I can remember, adult shoes have littered roadways and I have never come to a definite conclusion as to how and why people are losing shoes out of their car windows left and right.

I do have some educated guesses though.

1. You store your shoes in the back of your pickup truck and they fly out. hmmm nah!

2. You hate something in the car, like a bee or a cheating boyfriend. So you take off your shoe and throw it at him, her, or it. You miss their head and out the window it goes. 

3. You give your kids a shoe to play with. Maybe to practice tying shoelaces. Then the kid chucks it out the window.

4. You take your dog for a ride in the car. Fido's favorite toy is your tennie. He's holding it in his mouth, sticks his head out to enjoy the wind in his face, breathes in, then OOPS, it's gone forever. Bummer.

5. And, then there's the most logical explanation: There's a ring of one-legged serial shoe discarders in every corner of the globe.

Seriously, if you know why there are so many random shoes littering our roadways, TELL ME? I WANT TO KNOW!! If you do travel with shoes, next time tie them to another shoes so whoever finds the set can actually use them.

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