Sunday alcohol sales could be closer than ever to being a reality If State Representative Tom Dermody has anything to say about it. Dermody filed legislation last week in the General Assembly to allow carryout sales of alcohol.

This has been a hot topic of discussion for many years now, but change could FINALLY be coming. The new legislation would allow retail stores to sell carryout alcohol on Sundays between 10am and 6pm.

While I think it is an archaic and outdated law, I also think it is safe to say that most people just automatically buy their weekend alcohol on Friday or Saturday.  So, maybe abolishing the ban is unnecessary and at this point, almost pointless, but others would argue it is just time for a change.

Not all State Legislators are on board because because of a perceived negative impact on local businesses like liquor stores, who say the added expense of being open on Sundays could be harmful to their business, but the question of to open or not to open on Sunday will come down to a choice those business owners will have to make.

Yes, they will have to pay people and keep the lights on, but how much will Sunday business offset that cost, if at all....and THAT is the real question these local owners have to look at and ultimately decide if the potential profits will outweigh the added cost of doing business.

The state liquor store owners have fought hard to keep the ban in place out of fear of giving grocery stores and convenience stores an unfair advantage where alcohol sales are concerned.  It would only be an unfair advantage if liquor stores were not allowed to be open on Sundays if the ban is lifted, which would not be the case.

No matter how you look at, or what side of the fence you're on, here we go again! What do you think?



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