UPDATE: According to 14 News, her mom posted to Facebook that Anna was found in a grain bin.

Henderson Police and the mother of 9-year-old Anna Rose Westerman need your help finding her after her mother reporter her missing around 11:30 Thursday morning.

According to The Gleaner, Anna's mom, Michelle Meredith, let her go outside to play at their home in the Corydon area around 10:00 a.m. Thursday. When Michelle went to check on her an hour and a half later, she realized she was gone.

Authorities from the Henderson County Rescue Squad, the Kentucky State Police, the Henderson County Sheriff's Office and Emergency Management Agency are currently in the area looking for her.

Anna's mom says she was wearing "denim shorts and a gray T-shirt with pictures of hamburgers and French fries on it," and a pair of "'jelly' shoes."

If you see Anna, call 911 immediately. Authorities are asking you not show up in the area to help with the search at this time as it could throw off the scent and make spotting the girl from the air difficult.

[Source: The Gleaner]

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