There is a post circulating social media this morning that will restore your faith in humanity.Tina Combs of Henderson was on her way to work this morning at 4 a.m. when she noticed that she had a flat tire. Tina didn't know how to change her tire, so she began to panic. Then, she saw flashing lights in her rear view mirror. It was Henderson County Sheriff's Deputy, Matt Forker.

Deputy Forker could have called a tow truck, instead he did took the time to help Tina himself. It was cold and rainy at 4 a.m. in Henderson this morning, but that didn't stop Deputy Forker from going above and beyond the call of duty. He knelt down and began to change her tire himself.

It's stories like this that don't get enough recognition today. You see so much negative in the news that you might forget that there are still good folks out there. It is the little acts of kindness that goes a long way in life. Thank you, Deputy Forker for your act of kindness this morning. This just goes to show that there is hope for humanity yet.


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