Evansville Police Department said today in an update, that a 17 year old is now in custody for threats against school. 

Alexander Raths

Here's what their update read:

EPD- 17 year old FJ Reitz student arrested for threats against the school-

Evansville Police have arrested a 17 year old FJ Reitz student on intimidation charges. The arrest stemmed from an investigation that began after school had dismissed on February 14th. The investigation began when a school employee notified the school resource officer about a message written on a bathroom stall door. The message referred to an act of violence at the school that was to have happened on the 14th. Classes had already ended for the day and no incidents were reported to school staff or police.
During the investigation, police were able to determine who had been in the restroom prior to the message being found. Police were then able to identify a potential suspect.
The suspect was questioned about the message and gave a confession. He was placed at the Youth Care Center and charged with Felony Intimidation. Due to his age, his information is not being released.

We will keep you updated as we learn more.

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