Anxiety fills the hearts and minds of parents in these very troubling times. This week we have experienced several violent threats against schools in the community. One of which happened within the Warrick County School Corporation. A lockout was announced and a terrified mother dealt reality of what was happening and with feelings of fear, care, love and gratitude.

I was terrified when I received the email today that my son's school was on LOCKOUT, which means the students would not be going outside at all today and there would be ZERO Admittance of any person into the school. I WAS PARALYZED...then I received an email that my son asked his teacher to pray with him and she obliged. child knew before I knew. THAT IS OKAY! That means the people that are at the school took my child's safety into account FIRST!!!!! They were getting the children in safe and secure locations. THEY PUT MY CHILD FIRST! I am also seeing posts that people are losing faith in the public school system...Here are my 2 cents for what they are worth...
IT STARTS AT HOME!!!!! IT STARTS AT HOME!!!!! We, as parents, must have an open communication with our children. We must recognize a withdrawal. We MUST recognize their emotions and not mask them but address them! I want to know how their day is. I want to know what they learned at school. I want to know what they ate for lunch. I want to know who they sat with at lunch and what they did on recess. I CARE! And my kids know that I care. They know they can talk to me. They know that no matter what they can come to me...they are never ALONE. We have to believe and know that our children are cared for and loved on when they are at school and we must instill that in them. If we are doubting the school system or the teachers...our children know that. Our thoughts and words become their actions and behaviors. It comes down to RESPECT.....which seems to be lacking in so many of this generation. RESPECT. My children are not angels, they sass mouth and get on my nerves and we butt heads daily. But they are loved and they know it! Make sure your children understand your beliefs and faith. Even if the school condones praying in school..your child should KNOW they are free to pray at school if they feel the need. THEY NEED TO KNOW THIS!
I drove by the school NUMEROUS TIMES this morning contemplating picking up my child. But he felt safe in his room with his teacher. He felt okay. I witnessed the principal standing out front...HE WAS ON THE FRONT LINE protecting our children. Tell me that doesn't speak volumes. A man with a wife and two children of his own in this very school system...risking his life for our children. I feel peace knowing that he believes each of our children are his children and he is front and center to care for them the same as he would his own. Does that make is less frightening...NOT FOR THIS MOM...but I have faith that they took every single precaution to ensure my children were safe from harm. And today, The Warrick County School Corporation, did just that. They took a threat seriously and acted on it. Perhaps other school corporations should do the same. Do not RIDICULE the school corporation for any reason....because the ONE TIME they do not take a threat seriously could be the last time you drop your kid off at school.
So THANK YOU WCSC...We appreciate your assertiveness in protecting OUR children.

Wise words for all of us to remember!!!!!

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