Despite the fact that it was created in Tennessee, it's hard to think of too many things that are more associated with Evansville (especially the west side) than SKI. And today, the legendary drink turns 60.

It was born back in 1956 by the Double Cola company in Chattanooga, TN. Employees of the company were given the chance to name the citrus soda. A young lady named Dot Myers came up with the winning name after being inspired by a weekend of water skiing on the Chickamauga Lake. You can find out more about the company's history here.

West siders are definitely passionate about their SKI. Give them a bunch of SKI and  a bag of Grippos and I do believe they could ride out the apocalypse with a smile on their face. SKI actually comes in five different flavors/options...SKI, caffeine free SKI (WTF?), Diet SKI, caffeine free Diet SKI and SKI InfraRed. Seems to me like those last for options can go straight to hell! What's the point of a SKI with no caffeine? That's downright un-American.

SKI is bottled locally at Royal Crown Bottling located off of Kentucky Ave. and available at various locations around Evansville. Drink one today!

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