When it comes to death, we really don't have many choices. We love our lives, hopefully, full and long lives and then we die, We don't know when or how, but it happens to all of us. It's an inevitable part of life that we know is going to happen.

Many years before my mom passed away, she and my dad when to the funeral home to make and pay for their final arrangements. In doing so, they made a very difficult time for their children and remaining spouse, a little easier. Other than the flowers, everything was picked out.

In her final days, as she was being cared for by her family and a team of amazing Hospice nurses, we realized my mom had planned her death too. She gave us step-by-step instructions, to follow, during her last few weeks on Earth. Mom every planned the entire church service, complete with her favorite songs, scriptures, who she wanted to speak, and how she wanted her urn to be carried out of the church.

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After her death, I thought that I too should plan how things would play out at my funeral. I like to call it my final show. I have explained to some of my favorite singer friends that they will someday be getting a call or text from one of my kids to tell them I have passed and it's showtime. I told them what song I want them, to sing so they can be rehearsing. There will be scripture, poetry, and humor. Each of my children will speak and then open the floor up so that you can tell a funny story or make fun of me too. I will love it.

All of this will hopefully be going on around the glittering casket where I will be ling and looking fabulous.

Take a look

The one thing I haven't decided yet is if I will be cremated, But, either way, I will be surrounded by glitter.

This purple has my name written all over it. It's fitting since a Prince song will be playing as the final song as everyone exits and heads toward the amazing party I have planned.

I love the idea of making your funeral reflect your personality. Funerals don't have to be so dark and serious.

The above Glitter Coffins are only available in the UK, but you might be able to get one shipped to the states. Get all of the details, HERE.

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