Yessss!  It's an excuse to devour chocolate!  Who's with me?  Tomorrow, Thursday, June 26, you have every right to eat as much chocolate pudding as you want!  So cook up a few batches or stop by the store and stock up on already made chocolate pudding and go wild!

Put it in a bowl, on ice cream, on pretzels, on two slices of bread (bread pudding!), on waffles, on cheesecake, on strawberries, freeze it and make chocolate pudding pops, put some in balloons and make pudding balloons for the kids to throw at each other along with the water balloons, put some on the floor and act like the dog had an accident...just have some fun with chocolate pudding tomorrow!

Was chocolate pudding always like it is today?  Nope!  In the U.K. it's something quite different from what we Americans think of as chocolate pudding.  Want to see the difference in the recipes?

Want some great recipes using chocolate?  Click here and you can be in chocolate heaven!

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