The Tri-State has sat under a blanket of snow for nearly a week, and while your first priority after the initial round fell last Friday was to clear the windshield of your vehicle so you could see to drive, you likely didn't even think about the backside, specifically the license plate which could result in a fine since it violates an Indiana law.

Indiana State Police trooper, Sergeant Todd Ringle tweeted out the following picture on Wednesday to remind people they're license plates must be visible at all times.

According to Sergeant Ringle, who I messaged through Twitter after he posted the photo, Indiana Code "9-18.1-4-4 (2) requires the plate to be clearly legible-maintained free from foreign materials," he added that snow is not an exception.

Ringle also noted law enforcement typically doesn't worry about obstructed plates during the actual snow event, however it's been a few days since the snow has come through, which I took to mean, we've all had enough time to clear our plates.

Violation of the law results in a Class C Infraction, which can carry up to a $500 fine.

I didn't ask Sergeant Ringle if he would issue a ticket to anyone who's plate is covered with snow, or if he alerted the driver in the truck pictured above about their plate, but I say it's better to be safe and take a peak at your plate and clear it of anything that could be covering any of the numbers. As the Sergeant mentioned in his reply, "How would you feel if someone struck your vehicle and just drove off? You look to get the plate number and it's covered in snow. Urg!"

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