Right here in Evansville a woman was robbed in a crowded parking lot, in broad daylight, and she shared her scary story  to help keep others safe.

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An Evansville woman was leaving Best Buy on Evansville's east side in broad daylight, when she was sitting in her parked car and a man came over and flung open her door and stole her purse.

She has asked to remain anonymous, but her post on Facebook said:

A FB PSA to all my female friends. I was robbed in the parking lot of Best Buy today in broad daylight. I should have known better than to sit in a parked car with the doors unlocked. A young man opened the driver's side door and grabbed my purse from me as I was texting on my phone. The good news is that he has been caught and there are many kind people in the world who took time to help me. If this can happen in a small town, I'm convinced it can happen anywhere. Be safe, be aware and be smart, ladies.

Thankfully later the man was arrested, but still how scary! Broad daylight, in the middle of a crowded parking lot, I would never have thought twice about sitting in my car there.

One thing my parents always taught me was to not sit in an unlocked parked car, which admittedly I'm really bad about. When I get to my location many times I check my phone since I try my best to be good about not texting while I drive. Also many times when I am about to leave a location I'll get in the car and check my phone. It's something I'm really bad about, and it never even occurred to me to make sure I lock my doors before pulling my phone out to look at it.

Thank you to this brave woman for sharing this scary reminder for everyone on Facebook.

And I'm very thankful the EPD was able to catch the robbers!



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