A recent exploration of a mausoleum in Illinois has one man believing that it was created by a shadow group known as the Illuminati.

One of my favorite YouTube channels for exploration is Faces of the Forgotten. They frequently share local history including Missouri and Illinois cemeteries. Earlier this year, they investigated the Acacia Park Cemetery in Norridge, Illinois. He seems to believe it was a burial site created by the Illuminati.

As Wikipedia states, the Illuminati is a group believed to be comprised of world leaders some hidden who use state powers to influence world affairs. What interest would these cryptic figures have in setting aside a museum for their own? Let's find out.

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Let's explore the theories. As he documented in his investigation, there is a lot of Masonic imagery present in the cemetery.

Faces of the Forgotten via YouTube
Faces of the Forgotten via YouTube

When it comes to insinuations like this, I tend to not just accept one opinion. I decided to go direct to the cemetery itself to see what it has to say. The official Acacia Park Cemetery website confirms the Masonic roots. Here's a snippet from their FAQ page:

Acacia Park was established by the Masons in the 1920s as a Memorial Park Cemetery. This means that the markers are marked with flat bronze markers that are flush with the ground. One of the Masons founding beliefs was that, upon death, all are equal.

This theory really boils down to if you believe that Masons are a wing of the Illuminati. History.com seems to answer YES because of the secretive rituals involved in joining the group. It is also true that many founding fathers of America were known freemasons and other world leaders including Winston Churchill, Davy Crockett, etc. Wikipedia is full of Masonic conspiracy theories.

I have friends that have been actively involved in local Masonic lodges and to them it is simply a group where friendships are formed and good deeds are done for the community.

I will not draw a conclusion about whether the investigator's theories are correct about the Illinois mausoleum being Illuminati ground. However, there appears to be a lot of secrecy about its origins. Time will eventually reveal the hidden truth.

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