Everyone has either played Monopoly or owned some version of it in their lifetime, and no doubt ruined what was supposed to be a fun family game night by arguing over some aspect of the game (Yay, competition!) Now, instead of arguing over whether or not two railroads and some cash is a fair trade for Boardwalk, you can argue whether or not two high traffic streets and some cash is a fair trade for Downtown Evansville with a special edition called "Evansville-Opoly."

The South Red Bank Road location of Walmart posted on their Facebook page Friday morning they have a limited supply of the customized board game in stock.

While they don't provide any detail on the the landmarks listed on the board, when I zoomed in on the picture at my desk, the aforementioned Downtown Evansville replaces Boardwalk, Mesker Park Zoo and the Children's Museum replace St. James Place and New York Avenue, respectively, and the Police and Fire Departments take the spots normally occupied by Water Works and the Electric Company.

There's also no mention of what Evansville-themed tokens players use to move around the board, but as Travis mentioned to me a Brain Sandwich should be one of them if it's not. You could also add a barge since we see so many of them coming and going along the Ohio River, and maybe a stoplight or an orange construction barrel because, Evansville (I kid, I kid!).

This isn't the first time an Evansville version of Monopoly has been created. Heritage Federal Credit Union had one made back in 2012 to celebrate the city's 200th anniversary.

Walmart has this version priced at $19.95, and as mentioned in their post, supplies are limited, so if you want it, go get it soon. As of this writing it wasn't available online so you'll need to physically go to this location to buy it.

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