You should always wash your hands after using the restroom, right? However, if all the public restroom has are hand dryers, you might think twice.

Hand dryer

Apparently, those hand dryers do more than just dry your hands. According to Newsweek, restroom hand dryers suck up feces particles that are found in the bathroom air and spray them all over your hands. Are you grossed out now?

You are washing your hands to get rid of the bacteria, only to have MORE bacteria on your hands after using the hand dryer. The article from Newsweek goes on to say:

Hand dryers suck up bathroom air and spew it out at speed. So, in the brief moments your hands rest below the nozzle, they’ll be exposed to far more air than usual—and far more bacteria.

It's safe to say that you might want to just dry your hands the old fashioned way...with paper towels.

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